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Data Center "Miran"

About product

Miran is one of the market leaders in data center services and telecommunication solutions for business. According to CNews, it is included in the TOP-20 by the number of commercial racks among data centers in Russia. In 2010, the first classic data center was put into commercial operation, and already in 2014 the second modular data center began to receive customers. Server rooms provide uninterrupted operation of 15,000 servers to more than 2,000 clients from various business sectors.
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Igor Sitnikov
General Director of MIRAN LLC



Data Center "Miran-1", St. Petersburg
Pirogovskaya nab. 17, building 7
The colocation data center in St. Petersburg is located in a separate two-storied industrial building at the address: Pirogovskaya nab. 17, building 7, in a protected production area. The colocation data center building in St. Petersburg is owned, has a built-in power substation with a capacity of 3.5 MW. The total area of the data center is 500 square meters. Inside the colocation hosting center building there are video surveillance and image recording systems, fire and burglar alarms, climate support and uninterruptible power systems providing uninterrupted operation of more than 130 server cabinets located in 4 server rooms where data center services are provided. Miran-1 is the first commercial colocation hosting center in the Northwest region that has been certified according to the PCI DSS standard.
Modular data center "Miran-2", St. Petersburg
Evpatoria lane. 7, letter A
The Miran-2 data center is located in an industrial building that is on a long-term lease, powered by its own 3.5 MVA power substation and has three independent cable entries, two independent entrances to the territory. In 2013, the site was reconstructed for use as a data center. The total area of the data center is 1115 square meters, the first stage - 685 square meters. The platform is designed to accommodate 9 modules with 24 closed server cabinets in each one with a maximum allocated power of up to 14 kW per server cabinet. The main feature of the data center is its modular design, implying a low dependence of engineering solutions on the design features of the building. The data center platform is functionally divided into several independent zones: the area for hosting server modules (two stages), an electrical panel room, an equipment unloading area and a diesel generator set, an office module that hosts technical support, and a dispatch system. The communication center, the visitors' work room and the spare parts warehouse are located in the technical module.


St. Petersburg
Pirogovskaya nab. 17, building 1, of. 205

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