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Hotel Vertical

About product

Vertical is the first real-life chain of condo hotels in Russia with confirmed star rating, which offers investment property - a hotel room that generates income higher than rental housing, a bank deposit or many other tools. The success of the Vertical product is confirmed by the accreditation received in 2018 of the leading hotel operators for joint implementation of projects.
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Evgenia Gil
Becar Asset Management Head of Apart-Hotels Department


Vertical on Moscowski
St. Petersburg, Moskovski Prospect, 73
The first condo hotel of the Vertical chain Becar Group opened in 2014. For 10 months, as an exclusive seller, Becar sold 80% of the hotel’s units. In 2017, investors at this Vertical on Moskovsky Hotel received up to 17% per annum. It was a result of high hotel loading - 75%, which is 10% more than in other three-star hotels in St. Petersburg. A special award for the management company is more than 1000 positive reviews of guests about the hotel.
Vertical We&I
St. Petersburg, Bolshoi Sampsonievsky pr. 68
In the autumn of 2017 the second Vertical We & I project started, with a total area of 17,400 square meters. It is a new format for the market of St. Petersburg where it was possible to reflect the values of the generation of millenials, and it subsequently will positively affect the demand and loading of the hotel. We reached these results due to the reduction of the area of rooms and the increase in public spaces.
Vertical BW Signature Collection
Moscow, Malye Kamenshchiki street 16
At the end of 2018 the Group announced the creation of a hotel in Moscow. According to the developed concept the upper midscale loft-style hotel will be located in a four-story administrative building of 1908. The hotel stock for retail sales will be 82 units with an average area of 14.5 sq.m. The basis of the hotel on the Taganskaya Becar laid the principles of combining ergonomics of personal areas with the elaboration of public spaces for the natural accumulation of a community of people interesting to each other.


St. Petersburg
Ordzhonikidze St. 44A, letter A

Business and investments

objects in 10 years
loading is higher than market
ADR is higher than market
The WIN-WIN-WIN strategy determines the success of our projects:
  • We do our best to make guests love our hotels - WIN guest
  • If guests are ready to come to us again and again - WIN investor
  • And only if the guest and investor are satisfied, we will receive a reward for success - WIN of Becar Asset Management team
Evgenia Gil
Head of Apart-Hotels Department

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